About My Doll Animations; Chaos, Values and Sustainability

By using stop-motion animations where the action occurs between dolls I’ve tried to see if it’s possible to raise questions of a more general nature.

Dolls tend to give the impression that they can be or could be led. The dolls in my animations appear to have been through a lot. They give off an air of raggedness and chaos.

Who or what is actually leading whom? The animations are about values… Which social, economical and political factors affect us, our culture and our relations to others.

The Board Game “Can You Hand Me The Screw Driver, Thanks!”

In the board game Can You Hand Me The Screw Driver, Thanks! I return to the issue of chaos. The longer that participants play Can You Hand Me The Screw Driver, Thanks! the clearer it becomes that the rules are so flexible that they are practically non-existant. A participant can instead act however he or she wants to. The chaos that results from the game’s loose rules result in something positive. There is something playful, creative and anarchistic about abandoning rules and allowing yourself to engage in free associations and making up things.