The Game; Could you pass me the screwdriver, please!

Is a social game about visualising thoughts, places and incidents by drawing, writing, storytelling or carrying out dialogues through the figures in the game.

Pick a figure.

The game begins by throwing a die. The number rolled tells you what to do. Look at the instructions or in the middle of the game board. Let’s say you roll a six. Pick up card six = a Place- card, draw a place or go to the place already drawn (you can also tell a story about the place while you are drawing, how it look likes for instance or you can comment on it).

The cards made for the game are almost all from the same story. As such you can find the same places, comments and events in the story on different cards.

The game is special in the sense that you can start and even quit playing whenever you want. By collecting three stars you can win the game. But the game doesn’t end just because somebody wins.