Power & Glory- the trilogy, 2014.

Ultimately Hanne Ivars has been intrigued by the question: Who fundamentally controls our lives, and what social or political factors influence our behavior and the choices we make? She often draws inspiration from existing stories, but also from religion and psychology. Through her animations she repeatedly asks: What exactly drives people to be evil? Or conversely, what compels us to be good?

Her work Power and Glory consists of three separate doll animations. Power and Glory, The Red Carpet and Train of Thought. These doll animations can be looked at as animated exercises toward a more positive outlook on life. The animations can ask questions like: Can we be happy without being wealthy? Or what is the true nature of inner happiness? In the work Red Carpet she gives a lot of thought to the importance we assign to success and attaining goals in life. The Power and Glory trilogy works on a more abstract level than her prior works, pushing narrative boundaries with their non-linear plot line.

Animation and Production; Hanne Ivars, Music; Tuomo Puranen.

Full HD.

In 2018 Pro Artibus made a Collection Publication of the Power and Glory trilogy, with text by Kati Kivinen. The publication Power and Glory can be found at Pro Artibus; Gallery Sinne in Helsinki or in Ekenäs, and from the artist herself.