Who Throws the First Stone?

Is the last part in the Good Will trilogy. It’s an animation taking place in an artificial landscape without dolls.The landscape is a beach, behind a sand dune, and a fire burns on the beach. The animation is based on panning camera shots. It is as if the landscape was moving on its own.

The animation is open to interpretations. As with the Good Will animations from 2009, “Who Throws the First Stone” turns the moral codes on their head, and has an anarchistic bent similar to the two earlier Good Will animations. The name comes from a scene in Monty Python’s film The Life of Brian.

The animation refers to the vulnerability of nature.

HD 48 khz stereo, aspect ratio 16/9, 3,15 min, 2011.

Manuscript, Animation, Filming and Editing By Hanne Ivars

Music by Tuomo Puranen