Archangel Gabriel welcomes you to take a seat in his chair. Please remember to take off your shoes. Dakini strength is your feminine power. It is present in all of us, regardless of gender. Through your dakini power, you can have a direct contact with Wisdom.

Installation, chair, platform, animations (Gallery Forum Box 2022)

Dakini Power

The visitor can ask Wisdom one or more questions. Wisdom, archangel Gabriel, channels his answers through his dakini. The question is written on paper and the answer is given in writing. In this way, the gallery visitor’s question and answer will be kept private.

The answers are given with the signature of archangel Gabriel, or bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.

Wisdom, often answers with a short answer. Feel free to ask more or come back later with more questions. If you do not know what to ask, you can ask what Wisdom would like to tell you. Paper and pencils are available during the performance.

Performance, dakini, paper, pencils (Gallery Forum Box, 2022)


The fullness of compassion manifests itself as we feel and express care for ourselves and for all who experience suffering.

Tara Brach

Orange colored; Color and light animation (Gallery Forum Box, 2022)

The room was built together with archangel Gabriel, also called bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.

Dakini Power: Pictures from my exhibition Dakini Power in Forum Box, Helsinki 2022. A dakini is a female messenger of wisdom. The word dakini also means sky dancer.

Pictures: Anna Autio, Hanne Ivars